Database on species from Mediterranean coralligenous


Myriapora truncata

Authority: (Pallas, 1766)
Recent synonyms: Faux corail
Confusion: For a first identification, this species may be confused with the red coral (Corallium rubrum) from which it differs in many ways: The red coral is of an intense red colour (M. truncata is orange) and
Color: orange, red
Growth form: erect
Region: Provence, Corsica, Catalonia
Community: C. rubrum, P. clavata
060523_JGP_RG_7214.jpg 060523_JGP_RG_7213.jpg MyrTrun_061222_CPP_FZ_8738.jpg 060608_SBL_FZ_4730.jpg 060609_SGL_RG_2761.jpg 060609_SGL_FZ_4957.jpg 060609_SGL_FZ_4959.jpg 060609_SGL_FZ_4958.jpg 060608_SBL_FZ_4726.jpg