Database on species from Mediterranean coralligenous


Fasciospongia caverFalsesa

Authority: (Schmidt, 1862)
Recent synonyms: Cacospongia caverFalsesa Schmidt, 1862; Stelospongia caverFalsesa mediterranea Lendenfeld, 188
Confusion: Some forms are distinctive, others can be confused, especially on photos, with cavities or Cacospongia sp.
Color: white, gray
Growth form: erect, encrusting
Region: Provence, Corsica, Catalonia
Community: C. rubrum, P. clavata
FascioCavern_061012_PGP_FZ_20D_6842.jpg FascioCaverno_070118_PCO_RG_QPP_19D_3504.jpg FasciCaver_070406_PGP_FZ_93_SP10.jpg