Database on species from Mediterranean coralligenous


Eunicella cavolinii

Authority: (Koch, 1887)
Confusion: With Eunicella verrucosa but this species is rather rare in the Mediterranean and Falset present on the quadrats studied. May have the same colour as Lophogorgia ceratophyta but this last one has bran
Color: cream, orange
Growth form: erect
Region: Provence, Corsica
Community: P. clavata
060502_MTP_RG_0945.jpg EuniCavo_070213_PGP_RG_5935.jpg EuniCavo_070118_PCO_RG_QPP_19D_3487.jpg EuniCavo_011129_XXX_RG_3442.jpg 051004_RSU_RG_6721.jpg 050620_MGC_RG_1741.jpg 050123_PLA_RG_0811.jpg 040319_XXX_RG_1800.jpg 040319_XXX_RG_1791.jpg 040319_XXX_RG_1789.jpg EuniCavo_060604_repetit_SPA_RG__1766.jpg